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Poppy & Paige is a curated accessories online shop providing inspirations, product information, and a shopping guide for purchasing all the "little details" for your perfect wedding day.  We showcase hand-picked styles and coveted accessory products that are easy to find and simple to purchase.

As brides, getting engaged is one of the most exciting times of your life, but it can also be one of the most stressful!  Many are not sure where to begin with wedding planning and often scour magazines, thousands of websites, and anything they can get their hands on looking for their accessories.  These days, brides must balance a demanding lifestyle and still find the time to plan their dream wedding.

Poppy & Paige was designed to help brides find their wedding accessory needs in a one-stop shop, making this important moment as seamless as possible.

Come and share our love of design - we want to help you discover new and alluring ideas.  We are a place where newly engaged brides can find everything they need, and never fear planning the details, details, details...

This is an exciting time for you and we're glad to be by your side.  We dedicate this site to you. Welcome to Poppy & Paige!


Patty Foo Hampton - Founder, avid design enthusiast, stylist, and problem solver.

As an Interior Designer based in San Francisco, Patty has made a career developing design solutions by curating style-ideas and pulling together all the "little details".  Many clients come to her to complete their dream homes.  In 2009, Patty got engaged and was ready to take on wedding planning full speed ahead with her design skills in her back pocket.  Destination: Honolulu, Hawaii.  The style, colors, vendors, and location were selected in a breeze, check!  The next step was to find all the "little details" to accessorize her dream wedding.  Patty went through the traditional process, spending countless hours searching for her accessory needs.  Several computer-crashes later, Patty was finally able to find what she was looking for - a stressful journey indeed!  At that point she discovered the missing niche in the wedding industry: a simple-to-use website providing inspirations that guide newly engaged brides on where to purchase products (at the click of a button).  And in 2012, Poppy & Paige was born.

Interested in seeing Patty's wedding photos and her wedding planning experience? click here.


Monica Smith - Public Relations
A Public Relations maven, Monica fell in love with weddings while working for a catering company in college.  She was enchanted by the beautiful venues, the gorgeous dresses, and especially the joyful atmospheres.  Monica relished being able to witness such genuinely happy occasions.  Even if glasses broke or food ran out, the guests - and of course the newlyweds - were always in great spirits.  With a B.A. in Communications, Monica is ready to dive back into the wedding industry. Her experience includes securing coverage for her clients in InStyle, O, The Oprah Magazine, Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and many more. 

Fun facts: DIY enthusiast and loves to travel (visited 19 countries in 5 continents and still counting).